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 . . . just a little about me.

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Blessed !! That's the best word I can think of to start this off. I did my first wedding 42  years ago at the age of 15 . . . for $100. That was a lot of money to a kid waaaaaay back then. Now I get to wake up each morning and go to work doing something I truly love and enjoy. Whoda thought?!

I am a Jacksonville native, a Terry Parker graduate and I have an A.S. in Photography, with High Honors from The Southeast Center for Photo/Graphic Studies at Daytona State College.

I love Pizza, working in my yard, Home Depot, Photoshop, my Mac and New York City. My wife has one of the most important jobs in the city as a Duval County School Teacher. I have three fantastic kids (all of whom have moved out on their own) and 8 grand kids. Now that we are empty nesters I have full access and dominion over the remote control!!! 

I am a member of the DYNAMITE, FANTASTIC, PROUD-TO-SERVE Media Team where I worship, Excel Church (formerly CJAX). If you haven't visited us yet, please consider this my invitation to be our guest!!

I am a fun loving, willing to share my half-full glass, easy-to-get-along with kinda guy who loves creating pictures, smiles and memories.

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