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"We don't take pictures . . . We create them!"

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At Head Shots Studio, we specialize in Corporate, Event and Portrait Photography. Having served Jacksonville for over 35 years I am honored to say our clients include not only thousands of locals, we also have the pleasure of working for MANY local companies, non-profits, religious organizations and major corporations. Our commitment to quality, dependability, professionalism and punctuality are key traits we constantly hear in feedback from our clients.  

I started Head Shots in October of 1999. After working out of my home for nearly 15 years it was time to step things up to the next level. I was fortunate to have had extensive business experience and training while working in the mortgage banking industry. I knew the combination of photographic skills I obtained in college and the professional business practices I learned on my job would be key to the success of my business. From my very first day, my focus has always been on Quality Work, Professional Service, Punctuality and Dependability.

I run my business like a business . . . . because that's what it is. Unlike MANY photographers today, this is not "something I do on the side" This is my job! This is how I pay the bills, feed the kids and buy the Mrs. cute little surprises.

"I give EVERY project, EVERY assignment, EVERY client, EVERY session 100%.  If I CAN'T, I won't take the job!!

Reception Area

Client Dressing Room

My 1100 sq ft studio is approximately 6 miles north of downtown Jacksonville. Just a mile or so off I-95 and very easy to reach from anywhere in the city.

Our physical address is:

1331 Palmdale St. Jacksonville, FL 32208


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