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Session Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Session Tips

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Can I get digital files of my pictures? (Portrait Sessions)

You may purchase digital files  of the images you ORDER. It is not our practice to release "Unfinished" images, and we only "finish" images ORDERED by our clients. We do not sell or release Hi-Res files from our portrait sessions. Digital files are Lo-Res  and will be perfect for social networking sites, emailing to friends, or even loading on phones and photo capable mobile devices, however they will NOT be of sufficient resolution to  make prints from. All prints of our work must be ordered through our studio. Clients who desire digital files that are not apart of their print order may purchase them for $35 each WITH their print order. Fee includes retouching,

Can I purchase ALL of my PROOFS?

As a policy we do not sell PROOFS. As a professional photography studio we want images that you share and show your friends to represent us BOTH at our very best. Proofs are uploaded to your gallery to aid in the selection of the poses you like best. Once you make those selections we retouch your choices so they are correctly cropped, color balanced, proper exposure levels are  set as well as "tweaking" minor blemishes, stray hairs, etc. As a result, as stated above, images desired but NOT part of your print order can be purchased separately for $35 each. 

Can I change clothes?

Typically we can accommodate one clothing change during a regular portrait session. We do have other types of sessions which permit more changes. Please call and let us know what you have in mind and we can give you an idea of what your session and pictures will cost.

How should I dress for a professional/business picture?

Typically professionals wear darker colored clothing or suits. Most color tops for ladies are acceptable. The driving force is usage, industry standards and the image you wish to project. Your attire should be appropriate for your field of work and/or profession.

Can I see my proofs immediately after my session?

After your session we must download, edit, then upload your pictures to our proofing website. This usually takes about two days after your session. We do have a couple of "quick" products that allow time for you to see your images after a session such as our Basic Headshot session.

Can I bring someone with me for my session?

Many of our clients are accompanied by a parent, sibling, friend or even hair and makeup artists. We ask that you DO NOT bring small children who are not being photographed. If they must come with who ever brings you ask that person to be prepared to drop you off and take the kids with them for a little ride or perhaps lunch while we complete your session. I typically shoot with a pretty "closed" studio, meaning I prefer just myself and my subject(s). Extra people are distracting to me and often to the client. If your accompanying guest chooses to stay during your session we have a very comfortable waiting area for them.

When will my final pictures be ready for pickup?

We place all orders AFTER they have been paid in full. Once an order is placed it takes a day or two to "finish" your images then it takes about a week to get pictures back from our lab.

Why do some of my proofs look really good and some are not as good?

We typically will "Finish" one or two 'example' proofs so that you can see how beautiful your final pictures will look. Time does not permit us to "Finish" them all. Once you select the pictures you like best, THOSE images will be "Finished" so they look as beautiful as the "examples" in your proof gallery.

How do I identify which pictures I would like to order when viewing my proof gallery?

When you click on the small pics on the left side of your gallery they will appear larger on the right. Just BELOW the picture  and slightly to the left will be its FOUR digit ID number proceeded by a 2-4 letter alpha prefix. Please use this alpha-number combination to ID  your favorite poses.

MORE questions ??

No Problem please give us a call @ 904.571.4272

or send an email via the "Contact Us" link.

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