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Hi There!!

You  might call this the what's on my mind, what am I thinking about, working on or pondering page.  Most entries will probably be photography or studio related but ya never know.  Check back frequently and see what's HAPPENING!!

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Just Getting Started

Well I guess this is entry Numero Uno.  I am very excited about the NEW Smugmug user interface. I had been thinking of changing my website recently and this new platform was the perfect answer. I am hoping to be able to use THIS as my only website so that I can showcase the studio, my clients and my work AND have the ability to show and sell prints from the site.  It was not hard to learn but I am a little Obsessive Compulsive, so I have to check and re check and re-re-check and then double check before my final check. sooooo I have been at it a little each day, fine tuning and tweaking for the past few weeks.  I think I should be done in a few more days and ready to "Unveil" !!! Oh yeah, here is a self-portrait of me working on THIS page.


It's Almost Party Time !

By the time you guys read this I will have had my first "Sod Party" That's where, if you are as fortunate as I am, a bunch of your buddies come over your house in there ugly jeans, boots and sneakers and they help you lay freshly delivered sod on your lawn. It's not terribly hard but many hand make light work.  I will be posting pictures of the project soon. My yard has been a mess for too long and I am sooooo excited to have my project rolling to an end.


I Want That!!

I have been thinking about getting a canon 85 1.2 lens. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a rather expensive but well worth it camera lens. It's great for portraits and gives me more options when shooting on location.  My good friend Sherry Ellison was kind enough to be my test model today and though we did not get the partial sunlight the weather report said we would this lens gave us some excellent results.  (see below).  We found a nice location in San Marco and got some shots I am very happy with.  The lens costs $1999 so if any of you would like to donate to a worthy cause PLEZZZZZZZE let me know!!  :-)

Photos with 85 1.2

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